About “Frats”

Based on true events.

When young Bobby Kovax unexpectedly moves with his parents to Baldwin, Long Island, the high school hallways of 1972 prove to be littered with boys of all shapes and sizes desperate for one thing and one thing only – to belong. As he ventures ever deeper into the jungle of battling brotherhoods, or self-proclaimed “frats”, hazing ceremonies, broken promises, and his own sense of self lead Bobby down the dark path of joining forces with what he fears the most in order to go on.

But how far will he go, and who is he willing to hurt, as he fights to survive?

If You Are Looking For A Daring, Disturbingly Honest Story that Examines the Pressures of Toxic Masculinity in the High School Hallways, look no further! 

Dee Snider is an American singer, songwriter, radio personality, writer, and actor. Frats is Dee’s first novel.