“Dee Snider is a masterful storyteller, whether its song lyrics, movies, his autobiography or now his novel Frats. Grab a comfy chair and enjoy a great read.”

~John Yonover, Tony Award Winning Broadway producer

“My friend, Dee Snider, wrote a book. I’ve always been a bit of a skeptic, but if Dee Snider can write a book I guess anything is possible. My friend, Dee Snider wrote a book. Hallelujah.”

~Penn Jillette

Frats is a gripping cautionary tale, one I was unable to put down. It’s filled with teen angst, young love and tremendous pain. Having been in a high school fraternity myself, l read Frats with great interest. In many ways this was a mirror of my own life, having lived the high school fraternity experience, complete with all the hazing and hell night. As always, Mr. Snider excels in the storytelling. He is truly gifted.”

~Marty Callner, award-winning video and TV director

“Dee is always writing. Everything I’ve known him to do as an artist is an extension of his writing. It makes perfect sense Dee has written a novel for us all to enjoy.”

~Dave Bushnell

First time novelist D. Snider has a winner on his hands with “Frats”. Snider’s ability to create characters readers can both relate to and root for is the difference between simply reading a book, and truly enjoying that book. I finished the bulk of the book in just two sitting, and then did my very best to prolong those last several pages; not wanting the experience to end.

~Mick Foley, best-selling author/WWE Hall of Fame Wrestler